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Using Hydronics

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A hydronic HVAC system delivers heating and cooling to a home or building through the use of water. Water has an excellent capability to transfer heat and is available in an abundance which makes a hydronic heating and cooling system an excellent choice.

A hydronic system is able to deliver both heat and cooling throughout the house. It can provide heating with the use of a heat source (ie – boiler) which can transfer the energy into heating air throughout the building. It can provide cooling with the use of a cooling source (ie- cooler), which can transfer the energy into cooling air throughout the building. This is achieved by the hydronic system transferring the heated or cooled water to air handling units.

hydronics system

There are a number of different types of hydronic systems that can be implemented depending on the type of building and solution that best fits your requirements. Hydronic systems are not only incredibly safe and are approved by Canadian safety standards, they also vastly improve the indoor air quality of homes through dust-free heating and cooling. We service hydronics from Parkhill to Goderich to London and Strathroy. Give us a call today! 

Efficient Solution

Hydronic systems are an incredibly comfortable and efficient way to look after a multitude of scenarios. Whether it be cart iron high temp rads, baseboard, infloor, or air handlers - hydronic systems are a great choice! Homeowners who utilize hydronic systems can also save lots of money on energy costs as these systems require a lot less energy through using water for heating and cooling.

Top hydronics services Parkhill

With over 20 years of experience providing hydronics services to clients, we can offer proven solutions that work! Whether we're working with residential, commercial, or agricultural clients who are interested in gas, propane, or geothermal solutions - Fry's HVAC will deliver you exactly what you're looking for. We can offer the most comfortable and efficient solutions custom designed for your needs.

What we offer

We offer installation & supply for hydronic sytsems - providing all the materials you may need. We offer ongoing maintenance services for hydronics - it's smart to have routine check-ups for hydronic systems to ensure everything is working as intended and prevent any future issues. This could include inspections, cleanings, and tuning up your boiler. Finally, we offer emergency hydronic services - if you experience any issue any time, we'll be there to fix it for you. We're not looking for a one-off deal but to start a long-term relationship and being your go-to supplier for all needs.

Brands we carry

The main brand we carry for hydronics services is NTI Navien. However, we'd be happy to service any brand you are interested in! We will work with you to determine your specific needs and desires and ensure we pick the best brand and products that work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will work with your existing system, address any issues. We recommend on old systems a full drain and flush before exposing the new boiler to the existing system.

Yes, there’s always a solution to be found. Adding a boiler to your existing house will greatly improve comfort.

Every year. Each boiler has its own list of yearly maintenance required. Some require a yearly tag for confirmation.

Yes, Combi boilers are a great option. Especially in situations where space is a factor. In high demand situations multiple can be used together to achieve the demand.

Besides furnace services – Fry’s HVAC also specializes in geothermal, air source heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioning, and gas piping services.