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Using Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning (AC) units are the most common and utilized method for cooling buildings – from homes, to farms, to movie theatres. There are many different varieties and types of air conditioners but they all function on the same premise. These systems are actually able to provide cooling through removing the excess of heat and humidity in the area, then transferring all of this undesired heat outdoors.

This process of cooling the indoor air is achieved through the air conditioning unit blowing the initially hot air over a cold cooling coil composed of refrigerant. The indoor air’s heat is consumed by the refrigerant as it turns into gas from liquid. The desired cooling air is then blown back into the home or building.

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Air conditioners are an incredible solution to reduce the heat and humidity in your home or building. They also help with ventilation and improving indoor air quality. Cooler temperatures indoors are also known to help improve both people’s phsyical and mental heatlh.

Fry’s HVAC Services provides the top air conditioning services in Parkhill, Ontario. We provide installation & supply, maintenance, and emergency air conditioning services. Reach out today to book a service call, get a quote, or just ask any air conditioning or HVAC related questions!

Needed for health and safety

Air conditioning is incredibly important for those hot days to keep your house and building at a cool, desired temperature. Not only that, but extreme heat and humidity have detrimental effects on people with certain health conditions such as MS or rheumatoid arthritis. Excess humidity in a home can also lead to mold and poor air quality. Ensuring you are using an air conditioner that is setup correctly is crucial.

Top air conditioning services Parkhill

With 20+ years of industry experience - Fry's HVAC has been able to develop tried, tested, and true methods to each and every problem. We are equipped with the tools and training to ensure no matter what type of air conditioning unit you have, that it is setup to its peak efficiency and capacity. Air conditioning is so important for your health, make sure you use a service provider who can be trusted to get the job done.

What we offer

We offer installation & supply for air conditioners - we will come deliver and set up everything you need! We offer ongoing maintenance for air conditioners - timely checkups of your system will help prevent any future issues and ensure your equipment lasts as long as possible. Finally, we offer emergency air conditioning services - if you experience any issue any time, we'll be there to fix it for you. We're not looking for a one-off deal but to start a long-term relationship and being your go-to supplier for all needs.

Brands we carry

The main brands we carry for air conditioning are Rheem and Fujitsu. However, we'd be happy to service any brand you are interested in! We will work with you to determine your specific needs and desires and ensure we pick the best brand and products that work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. While on hot days it may need to run longer cycles, it should cycle on and off as necessary. Reach out for a maintenance visit and we can take a look at the issue for you.

No. Most often this is caused by improper sizing or setup.

Yes. In fact, depending on the usage, you may need to check more during the hotter months your air conditioning is running.

Yes. We are fluent in all brands and carry a wide variety of parts.

Besides furnace services – Fry’s HVAC also specializes in geothermal, air source heat pumps, hydronics, furnaces, and gas piping services.